Family Law

Family Law
Going through a separation from a spouse or common law partner is very emotional, challenging,
and time consuming. It is essential that you have a lawyer in your corner who can help you
understand any rights and obligations you and your partner may have towards one another and
your children. A lawyer at Fitch Violande can help you through the process from beginning to

In particular, a lawyer at Fitch Violande is able to help you through the whole process from start
to finish or is able to help provide one time advice on a specific area you are having trouble with.
The lawyers at Fitch Violande are particular proponents of using limited scope retainers to
provide access to justice for people who may not qualify for legal aid but cannot afford the
expense of retaining a lawyer from start to finish.

Some family law matters that Fitch Violande can help you with are:

• Divorce Proceedings;
• Maintenance and Custody Act Proceedings;
• Cohabitation and Marriage Agreements;
• Collaborative Family Law;
• Custody and Access, including shared parenting;
• Mobility and child relocation matters;
• Spousal Support Claims;
• Variation of existing orders.